E-Learning Animation

Dūcere Education

Diploma & Batchelor E-learning Modules, Topic content for all Units.  Suite of hundreds of videos.

Project Description

Working with an academics and a writing team, this video is part of literally hundreds of videos that made up entire programs for marketing and business academic course.  Coupled with the content I developed for the Moodle platform, this work added a more visually dynamic content that wasn’t just “click next” e-learning, or word heavy text books.  Knowledge checks and quizzes were also built into the course using Articulate Storyline, e-learning content.

Project Feature

Creating a consistent visual brand that was engaging but not overwhelming, sourcing and managing audio narration, right through to story-boarding the animation sequences and developing all graphic content for each video. This was a long but rewarding project and I am proud to see how much content myself and my team created in such a short space of time on this project.

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