Web & Multi Media

Technical experience and Education industry skills, Florence creates colourful simplicity, empowering you to learn and manage your own digital presence once designed & built.

Website Development

Freelancing, Florence works with clients from academic, corporate to DIY entrepreneurial creating innovative solutions to assist your online endeavour to success.

Digital & Animation

Fed up that high quality video, audio and animated content could only be afforded by large corporates, Florence offers these services to all, and enables those with the capability to create their content themselves.

LMS & E-Learning

Having worked in the Learning & Development industry now for over 10+ years she is here to share her technical, creative and design skills with your business!

Our Koala Kids website was the last and equally most important element of our rebranding and The Rockwell Project executed it in the most incredibly warm and generous manner.  Florence has a unique way of explaining what is required in an easy to understand way in order for her to then quietly execute the massive build.

We could not recommend her highly enough for those who are experienced in web development and particularly for those who like us are novices.
Amanda Mandie

Program Director, Koala Kids Foundation

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all about Online Learning, Creativity and Authenticity…

Business: Creative authenticity vs “Helping people”

Business: Creative authenticity vs “Helping people”

 Imagine this: “ Florence you don’t know my life, my situation circumstances, financial situation, my culture.  The list could go on.  “What gives you the expertise and position to tell me how it goes, how I should run my business or live my life. “  

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Is Fear Holding us back?

Is Fear Holding us back?

Maybe we have socialised from an early age not to promote our own interests and to focus instead on the needs of others. The messages we have and sometimes still do receive—from parents, the media, and society in general—can be so powerful that we may not realise that we’ve internalised this behaviour, or we may realise it but not understand how it affects our willingness and confidence to negotiate.

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