What does good online learning Look like?
When someone says “e-learning” on “online course” what is our first default thought?
Boring? Dry? Lots of reading? Something created in the 90’s all written in comic sans?

Right, so we’ve all see terrible online learning? So what does GOOD online learning look like? Something that makes a student excited, something that is engaging and speaks to it’s audience. Being relevant would be a bonus. Speaking to all different learning styles, organized, and made up of different media types? Interactive?! Wow now you’re really killing it!

Lofty goals, but totally achievable.

For online education of any sort to be effective, it should both engage a learner and meet their learning needs.

Some students need to read and make notes, review them and read again to absorb learning. Academia, specifically the higher ed system, encourages this – text books and lectures, big halls with hundreds of people scribbling screeds of information. Sound familiar?

Some can listen and absorb new knowledge best this way. Often these people doodle, or fiddle to help them concentrate. If this is you, you might be found colouring in while listening to a pod cast on your favourite crime show or listening to a Ted/ TEDx talk – gosh those things are great.

Less fond of the academic world are those that really like to be immersed in learning. “Let ME do it”, or “I want to have a go” is what these people might more commonly be heard to say. The hands on, make a mistake and learn from it variety – is a very kinaesthetic style, or very experiential.

Please share below things that you have really enjoyed in the past about any kind of online content.

We can make this happen!

What is your pet peeve? Your ideal?!