The more of these we can apply the more effective the learning and success stories will be for your students.  These are in fact the number 1. Long my they learn, long may we share the light, the knowledge and MAGIC!

I’ve worked education; corporate and academic learning design for the last 10+ years. I find after spending days immersed in technical academic content, it can get quite tedious! It is a huge relief to me to have my own business, my creative and holistic out let as someone who is passionate about sharing information with those wanting get to build their own businesses.  That’s YOU.

I love BLENDED LEARNING – and here’s some theory behind why it’s awesome and how I can help YOU build online learning for your own business!

Learning Principles

Kinaesthetic learners – a definition 
Auditory learners – a definition
Visual learners – a definition
Read/write learners –  (academic methods vs non) from the VARK model

These are the most important and most talked about principles of learning, being a kinaesthetic person myself doing doing doing made it all make sense. My goal is to help and guide you to you success too, so you can build online learning for YOUR own business!  Fortunately these days we have so much technology accessible to us to take our content without taking academic design degree and we are able to to produce our online multi media. We can make and SHARE our content in a way that is truly a combination or as it is called in the education industry “Blended Learning”.

Another model puts people in these learning modality categories:

  1. Activist
  2. Reflector
  3. Theorist
  4. Pragmatist

The second major principle is one that when you think about it practically- it’s almost complete common sense.  Let’s start with the Dali Lama quote:  I see, I hear, I do and I understand etc. Instructional Designers such as myself have also designed beautiful graphics like this called the 70-20-10.  Ever wondered why in lectures at school or university, unless you were writing notes it was hard to recall or regurgitate (for exams) that information. Ever found you’ve become a much better cook by DOING, being in the kitchen and cooking rather than just reading a “How to cook like Gordon Ramsey” tomb. This isn’t true for all, or the only reason, however there’s ways of making sharing our magick sooo much easier for others to absorb!