Invest in Yourself. 

Have you ever in your head said these words or thought while rolling your eyes: “What’s up with those people? Who has time or money for all that education? The Life moves on, I can’t just jump off of the bus to go indulge myself! Whhhaaa! Crazy people!”

I started realising that my internal dialogue had been telling me lies.

That cynical voice inside my head was the only thing stopping me from first starting, then succeeding. Realising that “I don’t have money/time for my Education” was a just a mind-set I created in my head over the years. The only one who could reverse that scenario and move forward was ME.

Deep inside me, I knew that investing money, time and resources in my Education would pay off for me and for my wee business I was starting, and the dream I was following!

  • Face your fear
    • Ask yourself “what is holding you back”
    • Write down a list of all your excuses
    • Work through your excuses list one by one to eliminate them all
  • Commit
    • Hold your self accountable
    • Share your commitment with others
    • Join a Mastermind group for social and encouragement
  • Decide
    • What you need to achieve
    • When you’re gonna achieve it (hint: Start now!)

Your 3-step plan to learn what you need for SUCESS

  • Write down EXACTLY what you’ll need to learn to make your business work! Clarity is really important + immensely powerful in this situations.
  • Commit to making it happen. That by hook or by crook, it is YOURS! Remember everything is DOABLE!
  • Decide: TAKE Action! Education investment? Remember how much is the outcome going to be worth to you!!

Learning for Practical Application

I wanted a mailing list, but I didn’t know where to start! So I signed up for this Chimp Essentials class and it has helped me immensely.  The LITTLE things I didn’t realise like improving your MailChimp campaign deliverability was a thing! Holly less spam inbox for me! Through to setting up all my automations and course notifications for students.  ChimpEssentials is worth it’s weight in gold! If you are building your own platform for learning or setting up a mailing list on your site start here! Check out this super Special Preview and a to see why I love it

Understanding: I don’t know what I don’t know

I wanted to work online, but being a blogger for years really hasn’t worked out for me. I spent years writing crap loads of articles with no real direction, no niche and no idea about what I wanted to achieve.  Once I finally settled on an idea it was like “HOLY COW” why hadn’t I done this from the beginning.  Building my business has been a MASSIVE learning curve – and I’m still far from knowing everything.  In fact there is so much that I really DON’T know, that if I think about the magnitude of it all my inner critic reverts back to it’s negativity.  It pops up with that annoying voice “You’ll never be successful” which we all know is BOLLOX. This course is a very TECHNICAL how to and step-by-step guide to making a magickal business on the internet.

Taking the short-cut: Following other people’s success

I’m a bit different, and I like to do every thing at once but that’s not really the most efficient way to learn or grow a business.  When I first watched the “NICHE” video about I immediate thought “OMG THIS IS TOO CONSTRICTING!”  “I’ll get bored, I’ll want to switch and do something different!”  With all these thoughts running through my head I came across THIS site.  And the term “Multipotentialite”  – Yeah, it changed my life, and I’ve managed to get a Niche now that caters for my Multi-Potenial-Ism!  All this with the Help of Emilie Wapnick and her book, community and the “Multipotentialite-Must-Haves”! Incredible – check out these links, and her TEDx Talk.

Tailoring my learning to ME

I’m colourful bright weird and a little out-there.  I’m a big hippy and I want to learn from those who are successful yet, GET it.  After seeing others be successful and talk unapologetically about being themselves, it really validated my feeling of “I CAN DO THIS TOO”.  Check me out, my inner critic weirdly saying “you’re not as weird as them”, which made me laugh.  My subconscious reaction proving to myself that me and my weirdness, colourfulness – my love of the self employed community can also be just as life changing for other people, and just as successful. I just had to get off my ass and make a start, dreaming, making Goals and taking ACTION!

If you’re serious about creating success and creating an amazing business, you have to invest in yourself with regular education, a Mastermind group, self paced learning or courses. Doing it alone is the hard way, in fact it is COMPLETE MADNESS. No! Why would you do that! Investing in yourself always comes back. Manifesting your money, your time, your investment to the cent from unexpected deposits, new clients, or another sign from the Universe that you’re taken care of. Investing in yourself through personal development:

  • Kicks your butt
  • Keeps you accountable
  • Helps you with fear to over come your confidence issues
  • Gives you practical strategies to help you learn and grow faster
  • Connects you with like-minded people to collaborate with

Last but not least…

Show the Universe you are serious about your dreams.

Disclaimer: I’m a proud affiliate for some of these education suggestions. These videos/resources are all free to view/download but if you purchase in the future, I may receive a commission.