5 Tips for Women interested in Tech:

Ladies, are you interested in Tech?  No longer is this a mans world.  Women, female identified and gender queers are taking over! Join the leagues of the likes of Code like a GirlLesbians in Tech and Geek Girls Dinner.  These Meet-up groups are a really great place to start for any woman interested in tech.  I wish to inspire everyone to take a look at what the world of tech can offer you.

The “Tech” industry is very, very broad and there are many different career and entrepreneurial opportunities ready for those brave enough. Here are 5 Tips for Women interested in Tech!

Learn as you go – don’t let that stop you.

I learned how to code on MySpace, when it was a glittery blinking hot mess of bad music and animated gifs.  Since then my knowledge has come along way, and I love using it every day in the work I do.  Often my colleagues will ask me to do or help with something that is too technical for them.  My favourite are the things I don’t know how to do already.  These are my opportunities to research, looks something up, Google, YouTube, find all the tutorials I can, then immediately put what I learned into practice.  Learn then DO it, nothing gets new skills stuck in your head faster than immediate implementation.  Build your own site, app, program or game!

It’s not “I can’t do that” instead it’s “I don’t know how YET!”

Find your Tribe #networking

To me my Tribe is a bunch of women I meet up with on a regular basis to talk about the random stuff we come across in our work.  More than that, it’s been people on the other side of the world I can ask for help when I’m stuck with some Java script has gotten the better of me, or a friend I can help encourage to ask for a pay-rise because she’s worth it.  Having this support network is invaluable and is an amazing way of not feeling alone as Woman in Tech.  These people can teach you, support you, and open doors to opportunities you might not have otherwise had access too.

Meet-up is a great way to start finding your Tribe, also join the discussion group forums of software or platforms you use.  Don’t feel afraid to message the movers and shakers in these environments – If they’re sharing information they’re likely to respond or even help!

Make friends with the IT team!

If you don’t work for yourself and you want to build up Career Capital so you can move into a more “Tech” role, get a head start by making them your best friends.

Understanding a team, knowing and getting along with the people in it can open many doors.  They will know who you are if any future opportunities come up, you learn from them, ask questions / show interest.  People love to share their skills; it validates their knowledge and free hands on learning for you.  Offer to help or work on a project with the team.  IT teams are often understaffed so a capable pair of hands willing to work and help out is not going to go un-noticed.  Think of it as volunteering or networking your way into an unofficial internship/ potential new role.

Gender stereotypes vs. Politics

Tech needs more women who are ready to stand up and be seen and heard.  You will need to be confident in yourself, as it’s not an even playing field – yet.  Till then, be a change maker and an inspiration for women of tomorrow.   Use it to your advantage in work places looking to diversify their workforce. Remember that getting the job done will build respect. People respond much better to capability than politics, so don’t buy into any of it. Substantial change happens when there’s trust and proof of ability.

Don’t be afraid to ASK

How many times have you just thought, Oh they haven’t got around to me yet?  You wait and wait for that annual review or the support in going for a promotion.  Asking for what you want does no harm – remember that. Go ASK for that job!  ASK for the opportunity, ASK to be taught, ASK for that pay rise, mentoring, conference tickets or reward.  People aren’t just going to notice you’re brilliance and hand out a bonus – State that you deserve it; you deserve the opportunity, even if you’re a little unsure yourself. Don’t let the societal ideal of a quiet and demure woman stop you from being heard, seen and showing the WORLD what you can do.

Florence, a colourful woman in Tech, who loves to help other women get technical!

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